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April 11, 2022by admin0

March break this year came fast and we were without plans. Plane tickets skyrocketed due to some of the restrictions being lifted and we opted to drive to New Orleans, for the first time. It seemed to be way more complicated in our heads then in reality. Kids did amazing and the driving wasn’t bad at all (ps. I drove a total of 30min :P) We were met with amazing weather down south and it took us three weeks to muster the strength to go back to winter here 🙂 We got lucky that during those three weeks there was a Croatian Culture and Food Festival organized by the amazing Croatian American Society in Plaquemines Parish. Because my sister in law was a dedicated member of the organization I also attended the dance rehearsals and saw some of the behind the scenes preps, and the volunteers really gave it their all! Its so amazing to see a community that cares so deeply about each other. The festival was packed with Croatians and those who’ve come to experience the culture. After all the covid lockdowns it was both exciting and terrifying to see that many people in one place, but I survived 😉 I wish I took more images of the food I ate but I think I’m still that generation that thinks of taking the food photo after its eaten, haha. Here is everything else that I experienced that day. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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