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September 6, 2021by admin0

As the summer is coming to a close on the calendar, I’m reviewing my camera roll to relive the experiences. Unlike me, I hardly reached for my DSLR while back home in Croatia. I didn’t want the camera to come in between experiencing any of the social gatherings or trips we took. It could also be that the pandemic set me back with energy for social gatherings that I couldn’t fathom lugging around a heavy camera while exerting myself with social interaction. I did however, find the time and energy for capturing my new nephew Jona. With him I knew that if I blink I’ll miss it. I could be biased but I think he’s the cutest baby I’ve seen, my own children included. We took these photos in Duba, our beach getaway for when we’re in Croatia. The village has a few homes with year-round residents but is mostly populated in the summertime.  Hope you all had a great summer filled with sweet memories. Enjoy the photos and the last day of the long weekend!




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