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September 2, 2020by admin0

My little boy turned five this late August, and while we’re still in a pandemic we managed to have a small celebration. The kids needed this so badly. Since they’re still unable to vocalize mental health concerns I am never sure how this is affecting them. However, after seeing how happy Maja was to see friends, it has become apparent that the lack of socialization puts her in a different mood. Meanwhile, Filip is the one with a less open personality and was shocked and scared when “Happy Birthday” was sung. He for sure wasn’t mentally  prepared to see that “many” people at once. In the images below you’ll spot it, as well as his resolution of  stealing a kinder bueno chocolate from the goodie bags for coping. All in the comfort of the shade and away from the crowd. What a kid!

My decision to keep them home this semester is looming constantly over my head but I feel like its the right thing, right now. For now, here are some images from the celebration. Simple park play proved to be one of the best birthdays I’ve hosted. Less effort equals more fun apparently. Figures 😉

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