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August 25, 2020by admin0

There are some shoots that need minimal direction and this was one of them. Everything seemed to flow very organically, with ease. Generally, clients I’ve never met before I am prepared to fully pose and guide through the shoot because I’m aware of the level of awkwardness that comes with new people. Especially new people with a 25 inch camera 😉 I am a firm believer in energy and with certain individuals it takes little to be allowed in deeper, which I believe is what I’m paid to do. Cameras are on every phone, and we are generally over photographed, therefore my job extends past the “everyone looking at smiling at the same time”. The moments I need to capture are their truest selves, as close as people let me see through my lens. This family was a wonderful example of candid beauty. ps. The weather was the typical humid and hot summer day, where I partially melted but totally worth it for getting these shots. You can also see that on the little one’ hair at the end of the shoot.

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