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January 22, 2019by admin2

It’s been faaar too long since my last post and being that my resolution this year was to stay more in the now, I figured my blog could use a “now”. Although it’s been a month, these images fill me with warmth and happiness and considering its Blue Monday  and -25 Celsius outside today, I need all the warmth I can get. Again, similar to last year but now with a bigger group (19 of us!), we decided to venture down south. Cuba generally has a bad reputation in terms of its food and resorts but the beaches almost make up for it. The resort was Sol Palermas in Varadero. During our stay most of it was being renovated, so it looked promising for future guests, but was inconvenient for us. However, there are worse things in life. The beach was incredible and the nightlife was good. The kids enjoyed it the most, since they are much more forgiving then spoiled westerners (admit-tingly so). They even had a blast during the most low budget clown show I’ve ever seen. This makes me wonder at what point do we become so self absorbed and needy, and why can’t we forever stay as happy as we are as children. This is why I’m very focused on living in the now at the moment, and doing my best to change my ways. However, that doesn’t mean I’m putting my phone down, because the phone is what connects me to people I care about, it connects me to you. I hope you enjoy the images and that they brighten this Blue Monday for you as well.


  • Renata

    January 22, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    Very well put your words. Life is about appreciating even the simplest things, never loosing sight of the happiness truly means. The pictures (big fan here, so I’m suspected :p to say) are gorgeous!


  • Katrina

    January 22, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    Beautiful! So wonderful to have such a talent and be able to capture these great memories so beautifully!


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