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April 12, 2018by admin0

         Every year I do my best to make Maja’s birthday special. To incorporate her evolving interests and personality into the activity and theme of the birthday. Trust me, this is no easy task! I know some may see it as over the top, and I agree, but I think it helps channel my creativity and Maja is super impressed every year. Win win!

        This year she finally started really coloring, drawing and enjoying creative things, so a painting party was perfect. The paint studio 4cats was great at instructing the kids as well as allowing them to get very messy, as you can see in the photos. They absolutely loved it!

        Since it was only an hour and a half painting party, after which Maja would have been devastated to see her friends leave for home from, I figured we could continue at home. Fifteen kids seven and under trapped inside is an idea I will reconsider next time (fun fact , spring in Canada lasts about five minutes at some point at the end of May). However, they made it their own and ruled the house, while the parents huddled in the corners hoping to go unnoticed 😉

      I generally do a better job of photographing the details including the desserts and decor, and capturing more candids, but this year was pretty chaotic.

       Next year, maybe we’ll do a mock Olympics. Since the energy these kiddos have is intense 🙂

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