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March 6, 2018by admin0

This long, cold winter is making me miss the last vacation. Just before Christmas we usually like to get away, to take advantage of the nice weather the south has and we don’t. This time it was Mexico. After hearing great things about Riviera Maya from our friends, we decided to check it out and booked the Grand Bahia Principe for seven days. The overall impression was that the resort was waaay to big for our needs, and the service could use a step up. However, along with some friends and their kids, we had a relaxing seven days. The food was great and everyone was well fed after the week was over. That of course led right into the Christmas break, which isn’t kind of anyone’s waistline 😉

Although I always try to enjoy my time on vacation as much as possible I can’t resist the urge to capture the moments I want to remember forever. That’s what I feel like photography should be viewed as, necessary (interruption, as seen by some *cough*husband*cough*) in everyone’s life. Since we can’t possibly remember everything, we need to capture that moment in a photograph that will certainly last longer then the seven days we were there for.

I’m sharing some of the images I took, as they are good reminders that this winter WILL end. Spring is in in fourteen days!

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